Restaurant Drive-Thru Cleaning

Sometimes, you don’t realize how much your home, business, driveway, or parking lot needs a good cleaning until you get it cleaned. The before and after pictures from this recent restaurant drive-thru are perfect examples.


The before picture looks like most drive-thrus we frequent every day (no judgment from us!). In fact, there really isn’t anything terrible about the before image at all. Now, notice how clean and polished the after picture looks! Instead of looking like every other drive-thru, this restaurant has now sent a clear message to every person passing through: “We care about our business and we care about our customer’s experience.” Just think, for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, you can send your customers that same message!


If you are interested in receiving an estimate for your exterior pressure cleaning project, contact us today to schedule one at no cost to you!

Restaurant Drive Thru