Roof Cleaning

All too often, home-owners and business owners are told their roof needs replacing when it actually just needs a good cleaning. Believe it or not, the black areas you see on the roof of homes and businesses are actually mold. Once mold is present, it spreads very quickly. Our unique method of roof cleaning not only removes the build-up of mold, dirt, mildew and lichen; it also prevents the growth of mold and mildew for years to come.
Because the soapy solution used on roofs is 3-4 times stronger than the solution used on siding, it is imperative you choose a well-trusted Raleigh roof cleaning professional for the job. The licensed and insured professionals at Tsunami Roof & Exterior Pressure Cleaning have years of experience cleaning the right way, one job at a time. We clean all types of residential and commercial roofing, and you can take comfort knowing that we follow manufacturers’ guidelines specific to the type of roof. In addition, we follow all guidelines set by the Roof Cleaning Institute of America without voiding your shingle warranty.

We are so confident that our application of a low-pressure soap mix will safely remove mold, mildew and lichen, we are proud to offer a two-year warranty on all roof cleanings. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for your Raleigh roof cleaning.